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Dave MassoloAs a child I acquired a strong sense of the arts from my mother, who has always had a keen interest in music, painting and history. As a teenager I got my first camera ó a Kodak Brownie. I went into the fields behind my home in Millbrae and took a picture of the San Francisco Airport, the surrounding landscape, and my dog. Since then, photography has been an integral part of my life.

I studied photography at College of San Mateo for four years. Iíve also been a member of The Royal Photographic Society and the Millbrae Camera Club, where I was president for two years. Currently Iím a member of Zone 3, a club on the Peninsula founded in the í80s. My college degree ó a bachelorís in geography ó is from San Francisco State University.

Although I managed a family business for many years, my passion has been photography. In my images I try to visually communicate the splendor of the place. I try to capture the fleeting moments of light, color, motion and tranquility and give my images a sense of heightened reality. I look for the sublime in the ordinary and try to let the viewer share the experience and the beauty of being there.

Professionally I have done portrait work, architectural and product photography as well as fine art landscapes. Iíve also worked photographing paintings, statues and objects of art for insurance requirements, web sites and recordkeeping purposes. I generally shoot film, from 35mm to 4x5, but have begun to take digital photos, as well.

Currently, my work is being showcased at Gallery 9, Los Altos, in a solo show through January 2016. In 2014, I participated in three group shows at these locations: Peninsula Art Institute in Burlingame, Twin Pines Art Center in Belmont and Gallery 25 in San Mateo. Also in 2014, and earlier in 2011, I participated in the Center for Photographic Art Juried Exhibition at the Sunset Center in Carmel. In 2013, I took part in "Hidden Beauty," a juried exhibition at Filoli in Woodside. During 2012, I was part of two group exhibits at Gallery 25 in San Mateo.

In September and October 2010, I took part in a group photography exhibit at Filoli in Woodside. In April 2009, four of my images were displayed at the College of San Mateo Art Appreciation Day. Later that year, I participated in a Zone III Group Exhibition at Mercy Center in Burlingame. My work was also part of an early 2008 exhibition of seven photographers at Avenue 25 Gallery in San Mateo. And in late 2008 I had a solo exhibition at Comerica Bank in Burlingame. My images were also exhibited at the Spring 2007 College of San Mateo Art Show, curated by Richard Lohmann, a professor of photography and fine art photographer.

I have received several awards of merit from the Northern California Camera Clubs Association. One of my product images made the front cover of The Competition of Industrial Designers Society of America. I was also the 2008 Winner for Photography in the California Community Colleges Media Arts Competition.

These photographs were taken with a 35mm Leica and received minimal adjustments.

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